Why dividing a long YouTube video into a series is a good idea

It is better to make a YouTube series rather than upload a long video. Here’s why.

Aaditya Aggarwal

For a video that is meant for YouTube, if its length goes beyond 25 minutes, it is better – in most cases – to turn it into a series of videos. Here we discuss the benefits of doing so. Remember, in some scenarios, it may still be better to have a single, long video. For most others, though, a series is better. Here are some of the benefits of having a series.

You will have more room to target several keywords, specific to each video. 

YouTube search is still an important source of views. Although title, description, and tags do not play as big a role as they used to a few years ago, they are still important. Uploading a single video means you have to choose a single title for all of the content in the video. Some users might be interested in a specific part alone. They will search for that part and your video might not show up. If you divide your content based upon what the users are looking for, and upload several videos targeted on each sub-part, those videos are more likely to show up in search results and get positive engagement.

Your channel quality score will improve.

Channels that have a high ‘quality score’ get more organic reach on the platform. The quality of a channel is dependent on several factors, among which is ‘upload frequency’. Channels that upload from time to time are more beneficial to YouTube as they give users a reason to return to the platform. For this reason, it is good to upload a series of videos after specific intervals of time. 

If a person watches one of the videos in the series, other videos can get recommended. 

YouTube home feed content is based upon the past viewing activity of the user, among other factors. If a user watches one of the videos in the series, they can get recommendations for other videos in the same series when they visit YouTube again. A user may forget about your brand or your channel after watching one of your videos. These recommended videos will remind them about you.

It is better for viewer experience, too.

Users will find a channel more professional when they see the content of the channel classified in useful parts. Time-strapped users will find it easy to save specific videos in ‘watch later’. They will also have reason to remember the channel name so that they can return to watch the rest of the videos in the series.

When is it not okay to make a series?

It is not okay to use a video series when there is insufficient content to justify it. Users should find it reasonable to have the theme of the series divided into shorter parts. A single video divided into series just for the sake of having several videos only causes frustration and poor response. Each video in the series should have its purpose. The length of each video in the series should also be a minimum of 3 minutes – and ideally more than 5 minutes. There can be some specific scenarios in which having a single, long video may be better. For instance, if viewers are likely to watch a particular video on their television, it is better not to divide it into shorter parts. For most themes, though, a video series is better than a single, long video.